Everyone has a story to tell and everyone deserves to be heard.

But how do you take what's in your head and communicate it clearly, consistently and congruently to your target audience?

We can help

Studio Maximus are marketing-driven design specialists.
We work with entrepreneurs just like you, to translate your passion and expertise into a compelling visual brand that will attract customers and boost your profit.

Starting with WHY

Before you can start choosing symbols, type and colour you need to stand for something.

Some of the biggest and most successful brands are not just a collection of pretty visuals, they are built on a compelling vision, a strong WHY.

Don't waste your time pretending to be someone you aren't. Get under the skin of what your business is all about and join the Brand Gladiator army.

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This is the word of the brand

+-*On Thursday April 2nd  at 1pm I am hosting a webinar for EC members who are interested in knowing about the what why and how of creating a brand bible for your business. To claim your space and to ensure that you get access to the replay just click the button below. Read the article […]


Wake up to lumpy mail

+-*A teabag or a kit-kat just won’t cut it with these guys. Direct mail is enjoying a renaissance of late. There was a time not so long ago when we were assured that all paper would be replaced by digital content – that all correspondence would be electronic and the postal service would become a […]


The return of the skeumorph?

+-*The way something looks, tells us how it works. Once upon a time computers filled whole rooms. They were hulking great metal boxes bristling with dials, gauges and buttons. They hummed, clattered and whirred while the valves glowed. Over time, machines have become smaller and more powerful, we have more computing power in our pockets that […]

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